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Don't speed run alone!  RC Speed Run helps you log your runs and, if you're game, share and compare with drivers around the world!
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Log Speed Runs & Share Your Best

Use RC Speed Run to record your tests as you try new gearing, batteries, and motors to get the fastest run possible. When you get a good run, share it (with video!) in the app to see how you stack up against other drivers with your car, your battery level, in your country, and the fastest in the world.

Log runs

You can't improve what you don't measure! Keep track of your car's setup with every run, so you can see what worked and what didn't.


Once you get a run you're happy with, log it, and share with one click! Don't forget a link to the video of your run.

See how you stack up

Check out weekly and all-time leaderboards, or leaderboards for up-to-4S cars, and 5-8S cars. More leaderboards coming soon!

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